Pot & Bag Fillers

Discover the Ultimate Efficiency with KW Automation's Pot & Bag Filler! 

Looking for a game-changer in your planting operations? KW Automation brings you the cutting-edge solution with our fully stainless steel Pot & Bag Filler. Designed to meet the demands of modern nurseries and agricultural operations, this machine is your key to unparalleled efficiency and accuracy.

Features & Benefits:

· Full Stainless Steel Construction: Durable and easy to clean, ensuring long-term reliability in all working conditions.

· Large Capacity Soil Hopper: With a 1.5 cubic meter soil hopper, keep your operations running smoothly without constant refills.

· High Productivity: Capable of potting up to 450 pots per hour and filling 300 5 litre grow bags per hour, dramatically increasing your production rates.

· Optional Fertiliser Dispenser: Customize your potting and bagging process with an add-on fertiliser dispenser. Adjust dosing as needed to ensure consistent, optimal growth conditions for your plants.

· Cost & Time Efficient: Designed to save you time and reduce waste, our Pot & Bag Filler ensures consistent doses and reduces manual labor costs.

Whether you're scaling up your production or looking to improve efficiency, KW Automation's Pot & Bag Filler is your solution. Perfect for nurseries, greenhouses, and agricultural producers aiming for high quality and efficiency.