Lychee Destalker

Lychee Destalker

for lychee


The Lychee Destalker destalks Lychee's from their bunches via special weights mounted onto natural rubber. The friction between the rubber and soft nylon roller brushes seperate the Lychees from the stalks without tearing or bruising the skin.

To achieve best results it is recommended that fruit is mature, of good colour and must be hydro-cooled. The last 3 nylon brushes run at a different speed with a gap between each brush. The gap allows the Lychees to be released onto an inspection conveyor, whilst leaves, stalks etc are taken to the outlet chute.

  • Optional - 240volt or 415 volt.

Approximate Specifications:

  • Capacity of Motor - .37kW (1/2 HP)
  • Length (without Hopper) - 2.250 metres
  • Width - .830 metres
  • Height - 1.480 metres
  • No. of Brushes per Unit - 13
  • Width of Brushes - 460mm
  • Capacity per hour - 200kg

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