Mango Desapper

Mango De-Sapper

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 The Fruit is  fed onto the roller conveyor.

Overhead spray nozzles to cleanse sap from fruit. Desap time of 15-20 minutes.

Full length drip tray for collection of sap and water. Approximate Trays per Day: 4.0mtr x 1.0mtr = approx. 450 trays per day.

6.0mtr x 1.0mtr = approx. 700 trays per day

6.0mtr x 1.5mtr = approx 1000 trays per day

8.2mtr x 2.0mtr = approx 1800 trays per day Driven by an electric geared motor. Compatible height adjustable legs.

Available in 4mt, 6mt and 8mt lengths.

Optional - 240volt or 415 volt. Optional - variable speed drive. Optional - mango wash injection pump

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