KW Automation

About Us

KW Automation is 100% Australian owned

Kurt Weisenberger started in the 1970s and early 1980s by streamlining repairs to various farm type machinery, He identified a need for automation and developed many helpful machines,

KW Engineering soon specialised in a variety of horticultural and aquaculture equipment such as graders washers, conveyors and peripheral equipment. The development of the circular fruit weight grading machines changed industry standards.

KW Automation is a family owned Australian company located in Palmwoods on the Sunshine Coast Queensland, Australia. KW Automation is led by Michael Weisenberger, a second-generation horticultural automation innovator.

KW Automation continually improve our range of equipment with research and development and by sourcing the best components throughout the world. Products are manufactured onsite at the factory for all size operations.

Grading machines have moved forward from mechanical to electronic, weight graders which handle most fruit types with  very high accuracy.

Onsite evaluations of grower’s machinery are conducted with future expansions of modular equipment included in proposals. Installations and service contracts are available to ensure machinery is fully utilised.

KW Automation’s mission statement is to provide the end user with quality, affordable, accurate specialised automation system. A full range of circular or inline weight graders can be built to individual specification as well as roller spray units, creep feeders brush polishers, bulk bin tippers, wash units, drying tunnels, dip units and much, much more.

Michael Weisenberger leads a team of trained professional staff dedicated to customer service and support of the domestic and international horticultural and aquaculture industries.