Lychee Boxing Unit

- Impressive Speed: Capable of boxing 5kg boxes at a swift rate of 250 boxes per hour! (Remember, the efficiency can vary based on the operator).

User Friendly Operation: – The operator pushes start button, conveyors fill weighing head unit with lychees until the pre-set weight is reached. When lychee box is placed under weighing head, the gates automatically opens and dispenses lychees into box. The unit then tares and starts the cycle again.

- Versatility: Not limited to just 5kg boxes. With the insert Chute provided, the Lychee Boxer can efficiently fill 2kg boxes as well.

- Hopper Infeed Heights: We understand every operation in unique. That's why we offer 4 different hopper infeed heights - Choose from 850mm, 950mm, 1050mm or 1150mm to suit your specific needs.

Boost your productivity, reduce manual labour and ensure consistent packaging quality with the KW Automation Lychee Boxer. It's time to elevate your Lychee Packaging game!

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