Creep Feeder

Creep Feeder

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KW Automation have designed and manufactured their Creep Feeders with the ability to feed small, soft, sensitive fruit in both small and large volumes. Different sizes of Hopper on the Creep Feeder are available.

Small Hoppers are designed for small fruits and vegetables such as Cherry Tomatoes. This allows for an easier, gentler handling of the fruit or vegetable.

Creep Feeders with large Hoppers allow the processing of large volumes of fruit while at the same time retaining their gentle handling ability.

  • Optional - 240volt or 415 volt.
  • Optional - padded with foam and vunyl

Approximate Specifications:

  • Length - 2.2m
  • Width - 1.4m
  • Height - 1.05m
  • Volume of Fruit per Hour - 1.5 Tonne* (*based on 350g fruit)

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