Tray Washer

Tray Washer

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State of the art technology allows growers to wash their trays with ease. No more wasting time manually washing trays when all you need is the KW Tray Washer. The unique brush and high pressure water cleaning action provides excellent results when cleaning your plug trays. 

  • Optional - water recirculation tank
  • Optional - removable filteration screens

Approximate Specs:

  • Capacity of Geared Motor - .15kW
  • Length - 1.200m
  • Width - 1.120m
  • Height - 1.350m
  • Max. Tray Width - 410mm
  • Max. Tray Length - 715mm
  • Max. Tray Height - 150mm
  • No. Trays Per Hour - 1,000

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