Inline Weight Grader

Inline Weight Grader

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KW Automation graders allow for extreme accuracy in fruit  grading resulting in better appearance and positive enhancement of produce to wholesalers, retailers and comsumers. The fruit cup is suspended on 2 pins. As the cup floats across the weighing platform 100 seperate simultaneous readings are carried out on each piece of fruit.

A simple stroke of the keyboard can select pre-programmed weight settings giving great flexibility and speed to gently handle most fruit types and sizes ranging from small plums to large mangoes. KW Electronic Weight Graders have a capactiy to handle up to 14,500 pieces of fruit per hour (1 lane version). They meet stringent standards and are designed to operate either seperately or as part of a fully intergrated KW processing line.

  • Optional - 240volt or 415 volt.
  • Optional - large drums, shallow bins, hoppers

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