Dibbler machine                

Minitech Dibbler

An electronic eye senses the position of the tray and triggers a tray stopper arm arms to halt the tray in the precise position. The dibble head depresses in one simple motion and completely dibbles the entire tray....


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Plug PopperPlug Popper

  • Durable sturdy construction with powdercoat finish for extra protection.
  • Multiple tray styles catered for with simple changeover Pin Plates for each type of
    tray. Adjustable tray holders to suit all tray types. Lightweight design for ease
    of use and transportation. Simple footpedal operation....

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TP2000 TransplanterTP2000 Transplanter

The recent latest release of the TP2000 Transplanter into the Australian Nursery Industry has seen three machines installed in Australia in the first six months of the new millennium. With the introduction of new pickup heads and new electric servo drive, the TP2000 is more accurate, gentle on plugs, faster and smoother than ever before.

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Transplant conveyorTransplant Conveyor

  • Long Lasting extruded aluminium frame construction.
  • Mechanical variable speed drive allows belt to run at required speed for operator comfort and
    pace of transplanting line.
  • 3 Way Adjustable tray holders.
  • Durable P.V.C. belt for conveyor.
  • Height adjustable legs.

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