Gravity roller conveyorsGravity Roller Conveyor

Our gravity rollers come in a range of lengths including 1.5m, 3m and 90 degree curved sections. Conveyor widths come in 300mm, 450mm and 600mm. Each section can be connected to each other creating a gravity roller system. Legs are height adjustable from
700mm up to 1000mm. The legs and frames are hot dip galvanised and rollers are non corrosive poly style....

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Fruit labelerIn line fruit Labeller

The IL 2007 Inline Label system uses the latest vacuum and air blast technology combined with accurate stepper motors to apply PLU labels to fruit as it passes underneath the unit at a rate of upto 8 labels per second.There are othe rsystems on the market that blow labels, but this new improved technology makes it more accurate  and simpler to setup. The unit is designed for mounting on all types of sizing machines. The IL 2007 can be activated using a simple proximity sensor or can be interfaced with the sizer electronic controllers (such as the TASC series 3 controller) to apply labels only to selected sizes. A bank of multiple applicators can be used for different PLU labels for different size fruit.  Label sizes up to 25mm round can be used with a roll diameter of 300mm. Tape width from 20-26mm.



Ginger WasherGinger Washer

The ginger washers unique oscillating water jets which clean from top and bottom are they key to ensuring a thorough wash of all soil from the ginger root. A high pressure pump pumps water to the wash nozzles. Can be manufactured from galvanised or stainless steel for long life operation. Hard wearing open weave PE plastic to avoid corrosion yet allow water jets to penetrate for excellent cleaning.Variable speed conveyor also allows the operator to control speed for maximum efficiency

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