KW Automation is a 100% owned Australian company located in Palmwoods, some 100 kilometres North of Brisbane on the Sunshine Coast in the state of Queensland, Australia. Originally established in 1980 as KW Engineering, the company became KW Automation in March 2004 and comprises of a team of professionals dedicated to customer service providing the most advanced technology available to the nursery sector.

Core activity is the manufacture of nursery equipment, particularly automatic seeding machines, and peripheral equipment.

Research and development is aimed at providing end users with practical user friendly equipment. However, focus is on enhancing equipment capability and technological levels. R & D concentrates on maintaining the company’s international lead in automatic seeding technology and development of related equipment. This includes: soil mixers, tray fillers, tray dispensers, tray stackers, pot fillers, auto transplanters, tagging units and watering units, all required in a fully integrated line. R & D success in the design and manufacture of seeding equipment has been epitomised by the adoption of this technology by other international companies in order to attempt to maintain pace with KW Automations’s innovative approach to the industry.

Development of the Seed-Air-Matic seeding range of machines has led to this equipment becoming the industry standard in the International bedding plant and vegetable plug industry. Internationally, the Seed-Air-Matic range is regarded as the most precise, capable and technologically advanced seeding equipment available. The small grower, the specialist grower and the largest of organisations within the industry are all catered for with the full range of Seed-AirMatic seeders. Development of peripheral equipment has proceeded apace with the range of seeders and the grower now has the option of individual modular units or a totally integrated seeding line.

KW Automation has as it’s goal the ongoing provision of high technology equipment, end user service and support to the national and international nursery industry. New designs and enhancements to the current KW Automation range is integral to achieving this goal.

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