Manual Seeder

SG1 Manual Seeder

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KW can now solve your seeding problem and save you time with the latest design in Manual Seeders. The fantastic SG1 Manual Seeder is ideal for the specialist grower or the grower just starting out. Easy to operate, you simply connect it to your compressor, sit it on your work bench and away you go.

While pushing the handle up and down, the hand seeder is dibbling and at the same time picking up seeds to sow. You then rotate the dibbler/seeder bar 90 degrees and a small lever cuts the vacuum suction allowing the seeds to drop into the dibbled hole in the tray. Each seeder includes 6 sets of 20 needles of your choice and size

  • Optional - compressor to operate machine

Approximate Specifications:

  • Length - 1m
  • Width - 590m
  • Height - 620m
  • Max. Tray Width - 405mm
  • Max. Tray Height - 120mm
  • Max Tray Length - 650mm

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