Custard Apple Washer             Custard Apple Washer

In 2011 KW Automation was asked to design and manufacture a Custard Apple Washer. Using our previous experience from our successful Ginger Washer, we modified the system to handle the Custard Apple fruit.

Many thanks to Phil and Patti Stacey, with their experience in growing and handling custard apples, helped us develop this unique machine. After using the machine Patti stated - We tried some really dirty African Pride fruit, and although not completely clean, 90% of the debris came off and they just needed some touching up. No problems with the Pinks Mammoth though - nice clean fruit after the washer.


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Overhead Brush unit

Overhead Dual Brush Wash or Polisher

To clean those hard to reach places on some fruit we designed an overhead brush system. With height adjustmant and variable speed setting the overhead brushes add that finishing touch to the brushes that usually do the job underneath.


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Peach Brush defuzz unit      Peach Defuzz Brush Unit

Using our standard Brush wash unit, KW added a variable speed drive to control the brush speed to ensure the most gentle brushing takes place. Using high volume wash nozzles the peach fluff is washed of the fruit and brushes onto the two fine stainless steel mesh filters before the wash water is drained into the recycle water tank below. The two mesh filters can easily be removed for easy wash down cleaning. Water is pumped from the recycle tank through a final high volume disc filter back into the over head wash nozzles. All stainless steel and aluminium construction ensure a long life and easy to clean system.


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Mango Hot spray conveyor system       Mango Hot Water Spray Treatment

Using a Rotating roller conveyor system high volume overhead sprays ensure complete coverage of Hot water solution over the mango fruit as it travels along the conveyor. the variable speed drive conveyor system allows the operator to choose the spray duration time up to 5 minutes and the digital temperature controller ensures water temperature is set to within 0.1 degree celcius upto 52 degrees. Water solution is recirculated into stainless steel water tank. LPG gas or electric water heating elements are sued to heat the water solution. Stainless steel construction ensures long life and easy removable see thru lids enables the operator easy access to roller conveyor system.


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Capsicum pepper electronic weight sizerCapsicum/Pepper Electronic Weight Sizer 

Using KW Automation proven circular weight sizer and the TASC electronic weight Sizer computer, this machine can easily sort your capsicums or peppers accurately into any size programmed by the operator. Send the same size to multiple bins or 2 sizes into one bin. Different bin confugurations available. Also available in straight line 1 or 2 lane configurations for more options and greater throughput.




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